HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the core technologies to create a Web page. HTML is used to make a structure of the page and CSS is used to decorate a Web page , for a variety of devices. Along with graphic designs and scripting, HTML and CSS are the two main pillars for building Web pages and Web Applications.

Delight Media offers HTML CSS Course Training using Dreamweaver program. Dreamweaver suports various client and server-side scripting languages like html, css, javascript, coldfusion, php, asp, actionscript, jsp etc. This software really helps to create repidly static and dynamic web applications.

In Dreamweaver with HTML, CSS Training, web designers and developer teach the fundamentals of CSS while focusing on how to use Dreamweaver to efficiently create and manage styles. Our experienced web designers show to our web trainees, how to use Dreamweaver to resolve style conflicts; how to use new CSS-related features such as Live View; and the best way to create lightweight, site-wide style sheets and user friendly and seach engine friendly Webs.

Course Duration and Content

  • Overview of Html

  • Basics of HTML, Creating Html Documents, Introduction To Building A Web Page

  • Introduction To Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Working With Dreamweaver

  • Simple design customization with CSS

  • Adding Images

  • Anchors & Hyperlinks, Organizing Information With Tables & Definition Lists

  • More CSS Techniques


  • HTML and scripting

  • Embedding Multimedia

  • Creating Layouts

CSS Training

  • CSS Fundamentals

  • Getting Started with CSS

  • CSS Boxes and CSS selectors

  • Text formatting with CSS

  • CSS Selectors and Selection

  • CSS Positioning

  • CSS Page Layout

  • Cascade, Precedence, Specificity and Inheritance in CSS

  • CSS Layers and Translucency

  • CSS in Real World

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